Ledger nano s wallet tron

ledger nano s wallet tron
Почти все слышали о криптовалюте Tron, но знаете ли вы, что это такое? Если не знаете, то вы оказались на верной странице.

Amir Shalev 3 месяца назад Rex I need your help please. I followed every step.

В Ledger Live добавлена поддержка Tron и Zcoin

Pressed the tron ledger on tronscan page. I tried several times to install and uninstall the tron via ledger live but it keep doing the same thing. Any advise? It has been there a long time, before tron had its own website. I am confused about this.

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Thanks to anyone that can answer my question. Leanaki Le How do you store btt on the ledger nano s?

How To Purchase Tron And Store It On A Ledger Nano S

Grayson Onassis 5 месяцев назад Thank You very much CryptoDad, I have watched many of your videos specifically with using the Ledger Nano S and they have helped me tremendously. I had been pulling all of ledger nano s wallet tron hair out trying to figure out how to Operate Ledger Live, MEW, Iota Trinity, and more, but thanks to you I have been able to master them all.

I sincerely appreciate the videos and the help. I will be sending the Ledger Company a detailed email along with certified letters and every other possible means of communication to make sure they realize how helpful you have been with informing and educating myself plus helping the Crypto community with your instructional and educational videos. I seriously would have smashed my Ledger by now if it was not for your help.

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I have found your videos and instructions much more helpful that the actual Ledger Website itself which just confused me more, which I will also let the Ledger people know.

Sincere Thanks Again and hopefully you will receive some sort of compensation ledger nano s wallet tron acknowledgement from the Ledger Team. Cheers my Friend.

ledger nano s wallet tron заработать деньги на мебели

Jose Garcia 5 месяцев назад You had me lost on the last part? So you transfer tron on to tronscan and it goes right ledger nano s wallet tron to your nano?

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Linda Karnadi 5 месяцев назад Thank you so much for your tutorial, very detail and clear. It helps me a lot.


I just have one question. Can you transfer BitTorrent coin to this tron wallet too?. Cheers Ripple Strong 5 месяцев назад Question please. It is my Tronscan address that it wants to confirm.

Easy method to move TRON/TRX to your Ledger Nano S

I also cannot find it anymore on tronpage Сейчас смотрят.

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